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Beside the Membership, offers fitting products for every legal question or matter. For example, the creation and reviewing of various agreements, the creation of General Terms and Conditions, giving legal advice in a wide range of situations or arranging a settlement with the other party either through communication or court. The price of these services and products are at all times fixed fee and are performed by an experienced lawyer of Good to know, our products and services are also available for non-members

A fixed price for every service

We work with fixed fees. This means we agree on a price in advance, so you won't be surprised with additional costs afterwards.

Your own company lawyer at a distance

With your own permanent company lawyer you can consult endlessly for only € 47, - per month. Do you have questions or are you having a problem? Your company lawyer is always there for you.

Transparency, efficiency and security

Contracts, documents, business appointments, sometimes conflicts: it's all part of business but it takes a lot of time, often too much. We offer support.

Useful tools, tips and updates

Updates on recent legal developments and useful tools and tips that can help you do your business on a day to day basis.

Register as a member always offers me the right solutions in the legal department. It's nice that I have my own regular lawyer at, this ensures smooth communication.


Kjell Peters

CEO/ Het staat

What can we help you with?

Are you already a customer or not yet? Our lawyers are always ready for you

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Albert S. Oegema

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Daisy Kruijver

What can we

help you with?

Human resources, legal advice, contracts and documents, business appointments and conflict solutions.