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Your own lawyer for €47,-
à month

and fixed fee legal services.

Completely covered with your own lawyer and additional legal services at a fixed fee. So you can finally just do what you are good at. How easy can it be?

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Featured services

Relieve employee

We can assist you in drafting a good settlement agreement or provide support with court proceedings.

Register brands

By registering your brand you protect your product name, logo or company name. This distinguishes your company from other companies.

Create agreements

A solid agreement forms the basis of a pleasant and lasting cooperation. It prevents unnecessary discussions and conflicts.

Write a legal letter

Legal letter Sometimes you can not come to terms with another party, as such it is necessary to send a legal letter.

A LegalMatters.com membership

A fixed price for every service

We work with fixed fees. This means we agree on a price in advance, so you won't be surprised with additional costs afterwards.

Your own company lawyer at a distance

Met jouw vaste bedrijfsjurist kun jij onbeperkt overleggen voor maar 47,- per maand. Heb je vragen of zit je met een probleem? Jouw bedrijfsjurist staat altijd voor je klaar.

Transparency, efficiency and security

Contracts, documents, business appointments, sometimes conflicts: it's all part of business but it takes a lot of time, often too much. We offer support.

Useful tools, tips and updates

Updates on recent legal developments and useful tools and tips that can help you do your business on a day to day basis.

LegalMatters.com always offers me the right solutions in the legal department. It's nice that I have my own regular lawyer at LegalMatters.com, this ensures smooth communication.


Kjell Peters

CEO/ Het staat

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Daisy Kruijver

What can we

help you with?

Human resources, legal advice, contracts and documents, business appointments and conflict solutions.