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Conflicts with suppliers, clients or other parties most commonly develop before you realise. It is crucial to act adequately in the event of a (possible) conflict.

Our lawyers will, if you want, take over control to achieve the desired result and to ensure you can focus on your business

In close mutual agreement and when possible through an amicable settlement, as well when a conflict has to be solved through court proceedings. Our lawyers will take on the burden of solving your case

What can our lawyers do for you?

  • Step-by-step plan of action & strategy creation
  • Negotiating & possible compromising
  • Legally document arrangements in an agreement in case of a settlement
  • Provide legal support in, for and during court proceedings


Important: A specification of the services provided by in case of conflicts is covered in : about us >> conditions and policy >> description services and products >> 3. case handling

Does it take longer than expected?

You won't pay and we will continue until the desired result for your case has been reached


Clarity regarding your legal position, and a clear and practical advice regarding further steps. If so desired, we can take on the case completely, even when proceedings are necessary


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The tailored solution at fixed prices
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  • Legal advice + step-by-step plan of action
  • Develop settlement proposal
  • Negotiations with the other party
  • Continuous support and advice
  • Creating the settlement agreement



  • Estimate feasability
  • Study documents
  • Writing documents for court proceeding
  • Preparing proceeding
  • Representation during proceeding

* Up and including the first proceeding always offers me the right solutions in the legal department. It's nice that I have my own regular lawyer at, this ensures smooth communication.


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