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Employment agreements are often enthusiastically closed with a warm handshake, but are often the source of many conflicts. An unclear notice period, vague bonus system or an unlawful non-competition clause. This is but a small selection of examples we encounter on a daily basis. A proper employment agreement provides the utmost security.

Our lawyers take matters into account such as:

  • Recent law and case law
  • Responsibilities and your company activities
  • Duration, notice period, salary, probation and leave of absence
  • Use of company items and confidentiality
  • Collective agreement and non-competition clause

Does it take longer than expected?

You won't pay and we will continue until we finish the employment agreement


Total security and preventing risks in, for example, conflict, negotiations or liability.

Members create the employment agreement themselves!

We have developed a contract generator, you fill in a simpel questionnaire and the generator creates the agreement for you. Then you can download and print your agreement
The tailored solution at fixed prices
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New employment agreement


  • Consult preferences
  • Advice on lawful implementation
  • First concept within 10 working days
  • Telephone debriefing
  • Final employment agreement
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Review existing employment agreement


  • Legal check existing employment agreement
  • Adding possible amendments
  • Suggesting possible additions
  • Advice on lawful implementation
  • First concept within 10 working days
  • Telephone debriefing
  • Final employment agreement

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