Roger Federer is not fit

Roger Federer is not fit

Rodge, are you going to finish the year as number 2 and win the ATP Finals? Whatever happens you have already 87 titles under your belt, 17 Grands slams in the pocket and US 95 million prizemoney in the bank, so who is counting anyway… To my opinion you look at the age of 34 fitter every year. With two twins in the backseat, how do you do that? Tell me what is your secret? Anyway, I will tell you a little secret. From a legal point of view you could be fitter. 

Roger Federer is not fit did a “legal scan” in order to make you even fitter as you are right now. For starters we checked your trademark registration and we found out that your name ROGER FEDERER does not enjoy trademark protection in the US. In 2003 you filed, for instance, the word mark ROGER FEDERER in the US but you did not file an acceptable declaration of use. Too bad, because now you don’t have trademark protection in the US.

So how does this fly with your sponsor agreement with NIKE and Wilson? My lucky guess is that you licensed your “trademark” to NIKE and Wilson. Does this include your US trademark application which basically does not exist anymore? You cant license something you dont have. So in order to become legally fit just file your trademark in the US, before somebody does it for you, in bad faith. The number 1 in the world Novak Djokovic filed his trademark in the US…

Oh jeah Australian Open has your name on it.

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